Hyper Mall in Ismailia

It consists of main building for MALL with built up area 6000 m², 8-Retail buildings with 5800 m² and All service buildings for utilities supply.

Scope of work:

Design and supervision for all MEP systems.


(07-2017 up to date).

Work description:

Design, preparing technical specifications & tender documents and site supervision for all MEP works (for Mall, shops and layout plane) of Hyper Mall in Ismailia as follow :
  • Electrical works:

    Low & medium voltage networks and schematic SLDs, Lighting, small power, cable route layouts, cable size, RMU and Transformer substation, generator calculation and design of emergency systems, short circuit, cable tray & load schedule layouts and calculations.
  • Telecommunication works:

    All special and low current systems (fire alarm, telephone & data and CCTV).
  • HVAC works:

    Child water central HVAC system, spilt units in shop buildings and ventilation for some areas.
  • Plumping works:

    All water, sewage and draining works inside mall, shops and for layout plane.
  • Fire fighting works:

    FM200 system in electric rooms and sprinkler system in other rooms.